In this book, a graduate of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics   Magafurov Igor talks about his long-term studies of the nature of" non-random coincidence."

By analyzing the sequence of "random" numbers, derived from measurements of physical variables and demographic parameters, the author concludes that in the chaos there is a certain order.

The results obtained by the author, are published for the first time.


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Packets (Unexplained Coincidences) – Is This a Manifestation of Order in Chaos or a Filtering Mind Game?
What Do Other Scientists Think About This?
Proposed Approach

Chapter 4. Experiment on Other “Hardware” That Lasted for 81 Days

Mirror-Symmetric Singularities. Behavior of Waves Type of the S100 (i)
Mirror-Symmetric Reliefs
Large-Scale Repetitions. Relationship Between Digits
Repetitions on Small Scales. Normalcy of the Distribution of the Sums of S10 (i)
Proposition Concerning the Existence of a Certain Relationship Between Different Digits. Cooperative Motion of the Numbers of the 3rd and 4th Digits, Similar to Waves
A Little More About the Relationship Between Digits
Memory and the Relationship Between Digits

Chapter 7. Data From Official Statistics for Russia and the USA

Data From Official Statistics for Russia and the USA
A Discussion

Chapter 8. Example From the Feynman Lectures on Physics

Chapter 9. A Discussion With an Inquisitive Reader

Experimental Results

Igor Magafurov

about the author

Data From Official Statistics for Russia and the USA

In general, are there any experimental data that confirm the author’s observations, but that were obtained by other researchers?

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A Discussion With an Inquisitive Reader

A large quantity of experimental results is presented in this book. Undoubtedly, it is not easy for the reader to grasp all this. In order to facilitate the perception of the present book’s concept, the author decided to structure this final chapter in the form of a discussion with an interested reader. The reader will pose questions and the author will answer them.

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Packets (Unexplained Coincidences) – Is This a Manifestation of Order in Chaos Or…

The belief in our efforts, as well as in the power of the analytical scientific approach imparted to us at the Moscow Physical-Technical Institute, was so great that we decided to demonstrate that the existence of packets, or in other words unexplained coincidences, could not be explained, generally speaking, within the framework of the probabilistic approach.

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