Another sample of packets (unexplainable coincidences)

Let's look at the list of manufacturers of printers and copiers most of all represented in Russia. There are not so much main players. (see Table 1).

Table 1.

At the end of the last century and at the beginning of this one appeared two joint brand names that we might be interested in: KYOCERA MITA and KONICA MINOLTA (see Table 2)

Table 2.

Why we pay attention to these names?
They consist of two words and are the result of combining two brand names: KYOCERA and MITA, as well as KONICA and MINOLTA.
MITA and MINOLTA are very similar words. If we remove the NOL from the word MI-NOL-TA, we get the word MITA. The companies are Japanese by origin; maybe these words are common there? Let's check. The company MITA got its name from its founder, Mr. Mita, but in case with MINOLTA all is more complicated. As a result of searching the author found out that the word MINOLTA includes the first letters of the phrase meaning in Japanese "ripening fields of rice." That means MINOLTA is absolutely a new word.

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